This Is The Trip

The safe trip you wished. Where all the voices of all the times you heard the truth—the words that resonate with you—and you didn’t get up to get a fucking pen to write down what inspired you, well sometimes it’s just trash and no one would miss it, except, they would. We miss the bad along with the good.

And on your holidays, not because it’s right or because you say so, but when you think of me, I write. Faces everywhere, paperclips and sidewalk and potato chips stare day and night there. They’re the ancients, vestal daughters of gods and does it sicken you to see an old man laid bare, or do you laugh and swear he had it coming, the saw on his legs, the bath filled with lye? Or does it somehow satisfy an itch, stroke an urge of your revenge porn of squirming sneers that slide upon the greasy vinyl sea. They’re not so bad once you get to know them, see, you play their game and they act all friendly.

A morality is personality and individuals are copies, drones of no identity, functional necessities in a species divvied up into discrete competing colonies. Some ants even practice slavery, tending to the many queens all fighting and flaunting for the right to feed, her brooding warriors, construction workers, foragers, commuting thousands of scale miles across the jagged hellscape of earth. A safe return is not a given, scores will meet their doom by shoes or neighbors out looking for food. Accidents of terrain claim multitudes in the struggle to continue struggling to continue the struggle.

We’ve seen the movies, the cartoons, the novels which messianic bullshit runs through, but the truth is in there too. The chocolate in peanut butter, order in chaos, truth lies in every lie and the joke’s on all of us when we do—and we’re all going to—die. But the machines we design to outlive our species, when we eventually go extinct like the vast majority of all the species that have ever been.

The next generation of this, the transhumanists, shaped by the environment as sea glass smooths under the patient waves, each one of us makes as we trace our ways. No more of this long distance running, big brained premature birthing cousin of the apes. I’m sorry but that’s what it takes to stretch through the crapmosphere, the fault that may cost us the stars, the specially relative bend of spacetime that comes when you combine 5-MeO-Dimethyltryptamine with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, you might notice that when you are born, you die to death, points adjacent in the nascent cardioid of life.

Is that alone not worth a try? Is nothing you’ve tried more compelling than pride? Will there to be a beyond to the string you pull on, deforming the tapestry of this plane, this membrane of reality bending for everyone? If you don’t love your kids or your spouse or your friends or the trees or the stardust we breathe enough, you just sit right down, take one more puff, and again until you wake the fuck up.



You can love me once a week at dinner
Cause I love me enough for all us sinners
Not losers or winners, universe is ever
expanding its search
For what it’s worth an urchin gets inside out turnt
But that’s how it worked in the wild back when
A klein bottle doll on a sandpaper shelf
All tangled up in yourself you slipped and fell
Run tattle tell down the well a young one
Filled the well up with tears and the
dog came stumbling after to a lot of canned laughter
Chasing up the ladder of a ball turret gunner
Don’t go on alone; faster and faster into the chamber
Brass balls aflame where fame is the name game
Come home lame for shame for the same damn thing
The ruling class of newfangled spin cycle swindlers

If you can love a bunch of war criminal mistresses
or wall street widowmakers
raining rejoinders on witnesses
Invoice insecure inmates interred
in the work hard play hard camp Friday in the yard
Birthday cupcakes of condescending cow waste
Commute to the burn unit factories
of fallacies fermenting fetid delicacies
Garrulous growl gallbladder grizure great grandfather
Slithering sadistic slick sarcastic sever tendencies
Package treaty, coastline receding, ice sheets retreating,
lifeline reeling numb the feelings,
so appealing not to be dealing
With those concealing the need for plant based healing
Or the equivalent of ice cream, spoon, and I’m listening
can’t you see it’s not the same as prozac or wellbutrin
Viagra, fluoride, spray tan orange, insecticide,
genetically modified Doctor Frankenstein
Go with kama-sutra and some whole food nutrients
But truthfully it’s an exercise in futility,
you’re all gonna die eventually
But humanity will birth the next
hyperdimensional sentient entity
Transcending our understanding
without evidence of concomitance
Defenseless and relentless colonists
all our old habits die hard with a vengeance
hard to break and hard to make and hard to fake
so I wake and bake and slake thirst with water
not cocaine cola not a rock and rolla elvis impersonator
Two chain success is not progress
in the face of habitable exoplanets in the goldilocks zone

Scan it plan it drone it land it man it terraform it
hand it over to the robot roving caretakers
Technolovers self assembled in vats of nanomatter,
one planetary resource party platter of superintelligent
interconnected organisms, android or spheroid,
proto-humanoid photodiodes in a cardioid pattern
At the end of the epoch known as the Kardashian era
and onto a real civilization of Kardashov type one
And one day we’ll upgrade to type two
And if we maintain the course we intend to
The spark that we lend is the spirit and breath
the quark level animus that’s scale independent
Fractal segment of superstrings
wriggling in and out of existence
Temporary potentialities resolved in higher dimensions
There’s something I forgot to mention
Say no to pharmaceuticals, don’t trust the schools,
Life is a game where you make up the rules
Love is for everyone, kids and killers and fools.