Ignominious Rex

Emotional wrecks heap up on either side of the great divide of pride and point fingers at the other side. You lied no you lied no…

One finger shames, three point back to you. What you think it is is not what it is it’s what you say it is is not what it is, it is what it is and since it’s not a name, you’re not wrong all the way, since what you say is real… speaking of speaking, so to speak.

Why don’t we play a new game? Every one of us knows it by heart, you make the rules that apply to you, and tell the truth. But what if, you read lips and after taxes…

The fix is to do what you say, and say what you mean, because one thing leads to another, and the word becomes flesh and flesh becomes light, and steps on the stones.

Try to put civilization on skids, lay a new foundation and pray it fits, well, it sits but it’s the details we miss and we kiss our dumb asses goodbye when the big one hits.

We’re safe for a bit, but we’ve got to keep moving or call it quits, cash in your chips where the house always wins, be not afraid to step out of the valley of sins and repent, lather, rinse and repeat.

Do it for the kids. Oh speaking of which, Miss Givings and Ms. Carrage, have you been bullied and badgered and hounded, nagged and bagged on by a crowd of cowards, empowered by a pyramid scheme that stole all your spare hours, seized in a fever dream of eminent domain wolf blitz in sheep dip new media smoke screen?

No? Well it’s time for some answers, after these messages from our handlers: you cast the first stone, you rile the panthers, you dig in your heels, next come the panzers.

Inflammatory Questions

Is it that Braindead suggests politics are a pathology? And how does an adorkable waitress use Tide Pods to tidy up her cluttered, empty life? Is the lie the only way to tell the truth? Can only song say what the heart thinks? Do you just need a man to fumigate your brain, or as comic relief or a tool to grip? Some parasitic ideas are you sick? What’s eating your brain today, and why can’t you just say it? Who can we get to fix all this? Who says success is anything but what you think it is for you? And what the fuck do you know anyway?

Why are children making eyes at one another when they’re making glittery balls of foam to represent the solar system? Are kids with iPhones, programming android apps at school, really going to be taught by a grown adult who thinks it worth the precious youth they can’t get back again?

Have you ever been told you that you’re fuckable? Oh but what was the context? Have you been subjected to the force of the stranger, the other, the alter ego, the doppelgänger, the drifter, the shape shifter, sidestepper, blindsider, backbiter, mad-faced doubletalker? Have you played the part in some off broadway production? Oh haven’t you gone off on someone?

The thing is, if you ask what’s on my mind, why you don’t you take the time to listen? That’s not your mission, huh? You’re here for some grander purpose? Somehow in the blizzard of suffering we’re all weathering, do you think you don’t deserve it? And what if you do deserve? So what? Well if life doesn’t matter now, will it ever? Did life ever matter? Or is life the water being pushed by the wind? What is the wind, the invisible force which moves us, the pneumatic thrust? Is truth incendiary now? Is there justice now, if our mode of justice serves to rust us, corrode our trust? Which lives matter?

Can you ethically support murder? Does it feel better to justify a murder, or to murder someone else for committing the murder and call it justice? Why are some beatings assault and some fantasies rape? When you were a kid and you got tagged, did you say it doesn’t count?  Do your tinted shades and tinted windows shade the world from your brilliance or you from their ignorance? Is death the penalty for disobedience, or the worthiest opponent to the futile charge of being alive? Do you order your brothers and sisters over the throw pillow trenches to soak up the couch fort’s machine-gun fire? Can you lose all the battles but still win the war? Is a mob more moral than man alone?

The sacrifice you made; was it enough? Did it glorify god? Who was pleased by your deeds? If you glorify and give pleasure to yourself, do you sit upon your own throne? Do you climb upon your own cross? Do you give so others gain? Do you move amongst the masses, setting their tongues to flickering flames of ancient names? Who do you inspire by setting a tree on fire?

The Counter Intuitive

Never underestimate anyone.

Life exists and that’s proof enough it is more powerful than death. And even if life is extinguished completely, never to return, and yet it does, popping up in a new form, lovers over dinner and intellectual banter, cicadas on biochemical dimmer switches, watermelon jolly ranchers and dissolving stitches, we are always coming back together, we are always building bridges. Artisans of scorched wood, thermite charged with playing a peaceful corpse in the world premiere production of united dominations, see it first or see it last, you will see as the sinister mob sees with hidden fees and unpaid dues for dividends in arrears for years and forgive us for we know not what we do to hit continue one more time of all the twitching lines that seemed ripe until the first bite and it’s rotten inside the beautiful hide you ride or fly in a lie of the emperor’s new clothes, truth is contagious share the wealth of our ancestors table scraps of a feast from a fable in a fairy tale castle and weddings like funerals conveyors of coffins dance on like ducklings into the sewer later or sooner it’s beads on a skewer or a calculator, what’s useful gets used up without remainder. A brown butcher paper flap creased along its center of mass, died twelve thousand and seventeen meters later in a bionic bird nest.

Grown Together

Look at yourself in the magic mushroom mirror:
You’ve never seen anything clearer
Than a monkey with a Mona Lisa smile.

Lawyers are trained to lie
Mothers leave their babies cry
Murdering strangers is hazardous duty
Pay-per-view your brothers’ blood
In rotting ruins of ancient beauty
Rape a city set afire from
Buzzing angels in the clear blue sky
But babylon survives,
Sodom and Gomorrah thrive
A spectre looming, business is booming
Iron islands rising above the human tide
The edifice of avarice, all-conquering consumption
The philosophers locked away in towers,
can’t call up a function
Warlords wipe their ass with our power
About fracking parking tickets property tax,
library late fines and gold mines,

We need to build minds not pipelines
We don’t need jail, we don’t need money
To keep the presses running all day and night
Work weekends to make ends meet
Or beach day on repeat, still you won’t
Even if you win, still count the cost
All that profit comes at a loss:
humanity, integrity, sanity, unity,
An imbalance sheet without line item empathy
Dispense with these formalities,
Dissolve the business entities,
the borders and the enemies

Like all the other social species,
the Hives and Colonies,
The Packs, the Prides, the Hooves, the Hides,
The microbe biome we all are inside,
Together we live, together we die.


You can love me once a week at dinner
Cause I love me enough for all us sinners
Not losers or winners, universe is ever
expanding its search
For what it’s worth an urchin gets inside out turnt
But that’s how it worked in the wild back when
A klein bottle doll on a sandpaper shelf
All tangled up in yourself you slipped and fell
Run tattle tell down the well a young one
Filled the well up with tears and the
dog came stumbling after to a lot of canned laughter
Chasing up the ladder of a ball turret gunner
Don’t go on alone; faster and faster into the chamber
Brass balls aflame where fame is the name game
Come home lame for shame for the same damn thing
The ruling class of newfangled spin cycle swindlers

If you can love a bunch of war criminal mistresses
or wall street widowmakers
raining rejoinders on witnesses
Invoice insecure inmates interred
in the work hard play hard camp Friday in the yard
Birthday cupcakes of condescending cow waste
Commute to the burn unit factories
of fallacies fermenting fetid delicacies
Garrulous growl gallbladder grizure great grandfather
Slithering sadistic slick sarcastic sever tendencies
Package treaty, coastline receding, ice sheets retreating,
lifeline reeling numb the feelings,
so appealing not to be dealing
With those concealing the need for plant based healing
Or the equivalent of ice cream, spoon, and I’m listening
can’t you see it’s not the same as prozac or wellbutrin
Viagra, fluoride, spray tan orange, insecticide,
genetically modified Doctor Frankenstein
Go with kama-sutra and some whole food nutrients
But truthfully it’s an exercise in futility,
you’re all gonna die eventually
But humanity will birth the next
hyperdimensional sentient entity
Transcending our understanding
without evidence of concomitance
Defenseless and relentless colonists
all our old habits die hard with a vengeance
hard to break and hard to make and hard to fake
so I wake and bake and slake thirst with water
not cocaine cola not a rock and rolla elvis impersonator
Two chain success is not progress
in the face of habitable exoplanets in the goldilocks zone

Scan it plan it drone it land it man it terraform it
hand it over to the robot roving caretakers
Technolovers self assembled in vats of nanomatter,
one planetary resource party platter of superintelligent
interconnected organisms, android or spheroid,
proto-humanoid photodiodes in a cardioid pattern
At the end of the epoch known as the Kardashian era
and onto a real civilization of Kardashov type one
And one day we’ll upgrade to type two
And if we maintain the course we intend to
The spark that we lend is the spirit and breath
the quark level animus that’s scale independent
Fractal segment of superstrings
wriggling in and out of existence
Temporary potentialities resolved in higher dimensions
There’s something I forgot to mention
Say no to pharmaceuticals, don’t trust the schools,
Life is a game where you make up the rules
Love is for everyone, kids and killers and fools.

Intestinal Flora

Oh love deep inside
My Flora, my better half
My touch, my kiss, your terrain
The map says the treasure is here
but matter appears and argues a spell,
Dust settles on the mind like a mirror.

My father said,
Son, only you can do it
Get out of it what you put in
Get to it. Listen to your gut
sometimes it’s accurate
sometimes it’s just full of shit.

My mother said,
Baby, all women are cagey
Don’t get lost in Pandora’s box.
Men are useful but mostly invalid
A cucumber is better company
And after you still have a salad.

Belief is a thing with folded wings
The truth is wide open sky
Tyranny born of good intention
Revolution makes evil
an honourable mention
And the blind watch
the all-seeing eye

Oh you can try and try
till the day that you die
You can’t change the tale from the head
The story is told before it’s read
So baby don’t cry at the end.