Impressionist dialog

The infinite universe is apprehended through the compression algorithm derived by multiplexing peripheral input of limited array of spectrophotometers, mass spectrometers, pressure plates and gyroscopes, honey whether you do or you don’t believe, we can at least agree, something mysterious in each one of us, something dangerous and petty, violent if necessary, perverted and unsanitary, vestigial and involuntary, pentangular plenipotentiary to enemy territory, the immortal and the way of the monastery beckoning back to the caves and trees, in the dark ages, the shaded places of history whereby many peaceful graces worked the land with fellow hand and hand far from the walled and wicked cities, filth and grime in every crevice, paved with misery, lapping up luxuries but dumpster dive for decency, disposable identities, life-size cardboard intimacy, in a grand sort of Ad hominem fallacy, prithee praytell what in the living hell is the moral of this droll and dilatory postmodern tribalist twenty-four hour newsrecycling convenience story, a cultural no-go zone of sedimentary slaves in existential promontory?

Mega Low Down Megalodon

Older than most dirt you see

I’m here to eat you

Make your arm

Into a soup

Hack at your roots

No telling what I’ll do

Or when I come for you

Great white devil 

Your worst fears come true

Defenses I get through

Think you’re safe when you wake

But I’m right behind you


But why listen to me

I’m just someone who’s ruined it all

From day one

Just learn how to speak

Make melodies jangling keys

Open opportunity

Put in your time 

keep your head down

Get into the game

Capitalize on your youth while you can

Or remain in the dust

From whence you came


You’re dark she said too dark for me

But it’s darkest when it’s deep

Life is teeming at the vents

Toxicity for you maybe

But it’s home to me

I thrive on suffering

I dive in willingly

It surrounds me

That’s when I stop noticing

Try it

You’ll see

What I mean


Grown Together

Look at yourself in the magic mushroom mirror:
You’ve never seen anything clearer
Than a monkey with a Mona Lisa smile.

Lawyers are trained to lie
Mothers leave their babies cry
Murdering strangers is hazardous duty
Pay-per-view your brothers’ blood
In rotting ruins of ancient beauty
Rape a city set afire from
Buzzing angels in the clear blue sky
But babylon survives,
Sodom and Gomorrah thrive
A spectre looming, business is booming
Iron islands rising above the human tide
The edifice of avarice, all-conquering consumption
The philosophers locked away in towers,
can’t call up a function
Warlords wipe their ass with our power
About fracking parking tickets property tax,
library late fines and gold mines,

We need to build minds not pipelines
We don’t need jail, we don’t need money
To keep the presses running all day and night
Work weekends to make ends meet
Or beach day on repeat, still you won’t
Even if you win, still count the cost
All that profit comes at a loss:
humanity, integrity, sanity, unity,
An imbalance sheet without line item empathy
Dispense with these formalities,
Dissolve the business entities,
the borders and the enemies

Like all the other social species,
the Hives and Colonies,
The Packs, the Prides, the Hooves, the Hides,
The microbe biome we all are inside,
Together we live, together we die.