I ❤️ TRUMP, WHITE MEN, CONSERVATIVES and DOGS; and why you should to.

Hello specifically to those who come here with anger in their belly. I greet you with a digital chamomile tea and a virtual hug. Now, down to business. The business of feels. There are going to be levels here. We will hit them. We will surge through them. We will trickle and seep drop by drop through the sediment and reach the deep waters.

Why do you hate Donald Trump? Go ahead and list the reasons in the comments. I’ll get a cup of coffee.

Now that you’ve gotten it out of your head and onto the eternal internet, isn’t hating people the thing you stand against? Are you rebranding your expression of hate, because it’s yours, as the only reasonable and rational response to a dictatorial tyrant? Do you celebrate side-eye shade and bold fashion choices in a charm offensive but overlook abhorrent transgressions against humanity? Do you even know what’s going on elsewhere? What about everywhere? Do you think you’re right and that’s that? Hubris.

But it’s not about what you say it’s about what you do. Even so, what about empathy? You’ll fight for prisoner’s rights (maybe) but not president’s rights. How do you judge which person is worthy of empathy and understanding and which is worthy of hate?

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.27.43 PM
Practice what you pin, eh?

Do you use the silence means you side with the oppressors argument? Okay, then dogs are complicit in evil, because they don’t bring signs when they go for a walk, and that guy in a coma is on the wrong side of history because he didn’t disavow. The same argument you use to discredit supernatural claims applies here: the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Something about witch hunts and McCarthy. Keep reading.

Actually, not saying something is not the same thing as saying something. 😀

That would be a false equivalency. Anecdote time! My friend from Moldova gives me directions while I’m driving. He always tells me to go left, unless he says right, sometimes with a finger pointing in an indeterminate direction…but either way, there’s a sense of disconnect from the generally accepted definition of left and right and of where he actually wants me to go. Regardless of language, destra/sinestra, links/recht, mindenfelé… fewer people know port and starboard but that’s not important right now, what’s important is accuracy in speech when it comes to driving directions. Standards in language help improve this accuracy. His directions are not standard. That’s not because he believes Left and Right are interchangeable. And that’s not because they are culturally constructed differently in the place he was born. Left and Right are universal structural characteristics of all species with medial symmetry, such as vertebrates. The spine predates language, but it is mapped with mouth sounds in the form of language. The map does not change the location of a mountain if it is drawn incorrectly, and left does not become right when he calls it that. Fortunately, because I interpret his tone and context, and make an educated guess, we don’t crash or get lost. Because I take the whole person into account, with compassion and patience, I know which way he means for me to go, regardless of the word or hand. Imagine how much more smoothly things would run if we had this kind of consideration in the interpretation of everyone’s language.

My friend is intelligent, capable, driven… does he know left from right? Of course. Would he lie to deliberately throw me off? Doubtful, since he is also in the car, and our perfect record of successfully reaching our destination. Google Maps and Waze have both given me directions that would have led to my death on many occasions, had I not the awareness of possible inaccuracies in the much needed navigational assistance I receive from them. Should I abandon navigation aids altogether? #NeverMaps

In a similar guidance role, would the president trade a few jokes for the safety and security of himself and his family, maybe the whole country or the world? Not fucking likely. Would he risk everything just so he could make the most innocuous of quips from an imaginary monologue in the yet to premiere The Late, Very Late Night Show, exchanging the style of puerile taunts we’ve all participated in extensively in our youth, the specific meaning and personal significance of which we will never know or comprehend as these two interlocutors understand their own communication. It’s not just an audience of Americans with which he is communicating. We, as readers, as people who are so far removed from the Official World Leaders Club: A Real Thing; we don’t have a clue. We have assumptions and speculation. Opinion, not knowledge.

Know enough to know you don’t know enough.

Or are you willing to pontificate about stuff you don’t—you can’t—know as if you know it? Are you comfortable being a boastful blowhard or a bullshit artist? Isn’t that what you call Trump? Becoming like your enemy is victory… for your enemy.


You want him to say something else? Oh, I see. Besides the fact that demanding people say something else, or else, is a total #bully move, it’s #compelledspeech. Which you can guess from the name is the opposite of free speech. The phenomenon of “So what you’re saying is…” followed by some heinous straw-man accusation, is putting words in someone’s mouth. You don’t stand for it in personal relationships, so why do you want it to characterize international politics?

This radical new thing called deplatforming, shouting down other people? It’s #controllingaf and clearly infringes on the right to free speech we Americans enjoy. The Constitution clearly affords us the right to dissent and to petition the government for redress of grievances. The first amendment to that document, is first for a reason. It’s the most important one because it’s the one that makes everything else work. It’s the first line between democracy and dictatorship. Between freedom and fascism. Between the individual life and the mass grave. If you want to defend the constitution, whether you consider yourself a patriot or if you just plain old love freedom, then defend the right to free speech, first, before any other right you think needs defending. #ConstitutionalVibes

Don’t be a fascist.

Some people enforce their singular will and call it antifascism. Those people are also listed as terrorist organizations. “This is how it should be for everyone.” is the first line of every fascist manifesto. Don’t seek to enforce your morality on everyone else. Convince people it’s a great way to live by living it yourself. Do I want Trump to be president? I don’t want any president, ever, but some people do and that’s okay. As long as it doesn’t apply to me, or anyone else who doesn’t want one. Enjoying rights insofar as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. Makes sense, right? Right. That should answer the question until the end of time.

Do you disagree with the president’s principles, if you know what they are? Just say so. Do you go so far as to champion a defense of the underprivileged and underrepresented minority victims of the oppressive partriarchy promulgated by an evil nazi fascist alt right neocon greedy republican basket of deplorables which is embodied in the esurient amber avatar of Donald Trump? Okay, calm down. Perhaps radical egalitarianism has caused you to conflate history with hyperbole, despotism with democracy, unilateralism with universalism, exaggeration with explanation.


When you call someone names like President Cheeto Fingers, you’re being ablist, mocking those phalangetically challenged. Judging someone based on their skin color, their personal expression, that’s some good old-fashioned #bullying, finally a treading topic of discussion. You’re actually cyberbullying the President. Let that sink in. Let all the rationalizations for your actions come up in your defense, on how it’s different when you do it, when he’s the target, that he deserves it. Why do you think he says, “everyone loves me” and we all know it isn’t true, including him. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why. Do you remember being bullied? Do you remember boasting, puffing up your chest, spewing a newly acquired swear word that came off not so much menacing as it was maudlin? Did your tormentors laugh at your threats? My dear fellow trolls and bullies: where is the moral high ground now? If you’re a hypocrite and a bully… now what? Do you want to listen to a hypocrite and a bully tell you how things should be in the world and what you should do? If you won’t listen to others, will you at least listen to yourself?

“Just giving that bully a taste of his own medicine.” Reminds me of a certain nuclear tweet exchange. Wait, was it low-key clever or descending to the level of dicktater?

NoH8 Familiar Faces Page

Well, except the hate we harbor in our heart of darkness, because this particular hate, this is the good kind of hate, a hate so righteous and just and well founded and credible, and all other hate is wrong and evil and destructive and should be stamped out with an iron boot. How fucking convenient. Who decides the “good” hate and the “bad” hate? A committee of superficially diverse people with the same opinion? Like a jury? A Stalinist show trial? How many people are on the jury? Who picks the jury? Are there independently established quanta regarding species of hate? Is there some scale or metric of what’s fair and allowable? Any scientific papers or equations you can point to, or is it just like, your opinion, man? Your feelings?

Jordan Peterson Meme
Actual Cathy Newman quote: “Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a trans person’s right not to be offended?”

Is your opinion even your opinion, or is it formed by the people surrounding you? What if you only surround yourself with people who agree with you and don’t offend your senses? That sounds like someone you profess to hate. That’s the echo chamber you decry, and in the center, the double-edged Sword of Projection that deals equal damage to your opponent and yourself. It’s the chemotherapy of psychology. Mutually assured psychic destruction. I hope you live through it.


Maybe you don’t mind the double edged sword. Maybe you are like those poor souls who commit suicide by cop, or climb to the top of a bell tower, or enlist to kill and be killed, all under the sway of the belief that violence against people is a reasonable and good idea given their circumstances and experience, up to and usually including killing themselves. These tormented folk who believe that there are too many humans, who think that birth is a mistake, who end the life of their own children still in the womb that this whole human thing is all a big mistake and everything would be better if there were no people anymore. #Nihilism #AntiNatalism in the NewYorker and on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.04.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.03.09 PM

Hey waitaminute… I remember this sentiment from somewhere. Oh yeah, the Old Testament! It’s what the god character said before he sent the flood to destroy his own creation which had grown morally corrupt, leaving a STRAIGHT ORTHODOX JEWISH MAN to restart civilization through back-breaking labor on the impossible task of ensuring the harmonious continuation of every single species of animal and every inch of beach and every leaf of every forest, in general, to deal with circumstances beyond his control and comprehension, to avoid consequences he didn’t create. So, a president?

But it can’t be a straight old white man who saves everyone? Can it? There are good types of people and there are bad types of people, apparently. It’s better to be these than those?Some cause problems and should be punished, dealt with accordingly, shut out and shut down. Kicked out like a stain on our beautiful flag, like a virus in our healthy body politic. That has a familiar ring to it. The germ theory of a sick society, in need of a purge. It’s what the National Socialist Workers Party used to genocide religions, races, political views and sexual expressions or whatever else they deemed unfit for life, inhuman, suboptimal. Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, all the classic mass murderers that presided over the deaths of the equivalent of a third of the current US population. You can get those numbers by nuking New York City, about a dozen times. For scale: Hiroshima & Nagasaki combined were a tragedy to the tune of ~200,000 lives lost.

To think some people should die but others should live, and some of them should rule, is to paint oneself in the image of evil, of a monstrous inheritance compiling so many of the traditions you hate, that of a jealous, vengeful god, who recognizes no other law but its own—from a book considered evil stupid bullshit, mocked yet rarely understood or even read. To stand in judgment of other people and bring about the downfall of a fellow man is to emulate the real, despised persons from recent history and memory, and a character from the old religious stories, because it’s fiction and you don’t like some of the scenes.

Despite the whole cloth rejection of fictional stories from the bible or other surviving religious teaching traditions, you’ll proudly proclaim to be a Mockingjay or a Hufflepuff or a Hobbit or Stormborn, and you’ll celebrate the murder and torture and revenge killings in countless other films and books because the murderer is a girl with a dragon tattoo, and you can indulge in the fetishized traumas you’re attempting to overcome through reenactment of the torment you experienced on unrelated and innocent victims of your choosing. Yet you hate a book because the one guy is an asshole. That thinking is what I like to call ass-holy. There’s something in the bible about it being easier to see the speck of dust in someone else’s eye than it is to see the log in your own. To judge a peer on an allegation in a court of opinion, where only you are above reproach. In other words, authoritarian. Are you the god we should abandon? The god which should die?

Are you defining people by their race, gender, political views? There are no more individuals if there are only groups and avatars of these groups. Do you not see the racism of assuming privilege or oppression based on race? I’m talking specifically about the hypocrisy of hating someone from an anti hate platform. I’m talking about excluding someone from a platform of inclusion. About judging someone from a platform of nonjudgmental acceptance. Today, you’re not going to be kicked out of a catholic church for being openly gay, but a liberal company will fire you for being openly conservative.

…Because the so called CIS gendered homophobic patriarchal alt-right is oppressing itself?

I’m talking about the trend of celebrating (only approved) differences, promoting multiculturalism (with the exception of American and European cultures, it’s okay to stereotype the shit out of them, ex. the racist #DearWhitePeople) encouraging all forms of sexual expression, unless it leads to more white or other undesirable babies. That would just be awful. “They had their turn, it’s our turn now,” If #TheFutureIsFemale, should men be scared, defend themselves, enact a preemptive strike? Is this a healthy path?



If only men wrote history… or if only women wrote the dictionary, would either be unbiased and equal?

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.43.05 PM

So anything that you say about men as a whole or women as a whole, is an example of sexism. Unless it’s a scientific fact. For instance, men are defined as having two different forms of allosomes; women are defined as having two of the same form of allosomes. Indisputable fact, not sexism: men and women are fundamentally unequal, as individuals are fundamentally unequal. If you don’t think this small genetic difference is sufficient to make an organism significantly different, please refer to Down Syndrome, caused generally by a full or partial extra copy of a single chromosome.


  • Believing women just because they’re women.
  • Giving a man a better salary than a woman, just because he’s a male.
  • Give up your seat on the bus because you’re a male and a female entered the bus.
  • Survivors of the Titanic — Crew: 87% female, 22% male; Passengers: 75% F, 20% M.


Family court cases generally favor women, restraining orders are written out without restraint, men are put on sex offender lists for life because of false accusations. Even though nearly half of the victims of domestic violence are men. Pass judgement based on suspicion without evidence, where “credible allegations” equal guilt? This is a gross perversion of the legal system, which has enough problems as it is. Innocent until proven guilty. PROVEN. Not suspected. Not credibly alleged. P-R-O-V-E-N. Otherwise it’s manipulation and persuasion; also known as a lie. Perjury. It has also been known as bearing false witness.

Maybe something like: All victims should be believed, if they’re women, except the women accusing Bill Clinton. Or any other Democrat. Because Democrats are the best. Except they were the party of the majority of slave owners in America. Oooooooooooohhhh… Good thing identity politics is a removable label.

I wonder if you can appreciate the wicked irony of using freedom of speech to shout down the freedom of others, using the right to peaceable assembly specifically to disrupt the peaceable assembly of others, or calling for violence and death against those who call for violence and death (it’s okay because my reasons are better), of participating in a movement of millions to harass an individual who has been accused of harassment, to perpetrate online bullying of a seventy year old father and husband, and then promote cyber-bullying laws and talk about family values. The twisted logic of condemning customary hand gestures during a public speech as white supremacist microaggressions and applauding the unmistakable gore of a man’s severed head as the constitutional expression of artistic dissent. Rank hypocrisy.

How can men and women, African and Asian, Muslim and Atheist, all be equal if the oft maligned and inherently unfair power structures of the entire animal kingdom including humanity, would magically and instantaneously become virtuous and balanced were they controlled by black muslim lesbian trans women? If there’s no difference in the person, then how would there be a difference in the outcome? Either they’re different or they’re not. They are different. Everyone is. Are these differences superfluous social constructs? As if the edifice of culture were a mere painting on the uniform canvas of genetics, easily covered or removed. Identity politics is explicitly racist, classist, sexist, discriminatory and reductively superficial in the fullest sense of these words. It’s self-contradictory.

Either people are fundamentally and individually variegated in genetic expression over time, or they’re all the same, all the time. Evolution can’t exist if everyone is the same. Genetic mutation over time is the basis for evolution. Treating things the same that are not the same is inane. Take numbers: 4 is not 5 and can’t be used interchangeably, no matter how much four wants to be five and calls itself a five. Does that mean five is better than four, is there an implicit bias towards fourishness? No, obviously. As in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology, difference is built into the science. If you think a Russian man and a west African woman are the same or even interchangeable, you’re a science denier. Every individual is different. What of equal value? Value is locally relative and culturally established. Biology predates culture, therefore social constructionism is predicated on biology. Height is not a social construct. Neither is skin color, bone density, genitalia, etc. Our biology creates our culture, and our culture influences our biology in feedback loops of sexual selection and environmental pressures from climate and resources, etc. I’m not claiming to understand everything, but I know enough to know it’s a bit more complicated than just because the patriarchy.

What scientific evidence exists in favor of ideologies such as feminism and socialism? Is there a double-blind, placebo controlled study that concludes there is no difference between males and females? That’s a big no. How about the operation of The Modern State? Is that supported by any scientific methodology, or is it in fact directly contradicted by the open source case log of history? Has anyone been able to prove through experiment that socialism works? Or has every single experiment across cultures and scales falsified the claim that socialism is the way of the future? That’s what I thought. It always amuses me when people say “you’re on the wrong side of history” Like they fucking know the future. They don’t even understand the past. It’s just bullshit sophistry.


A barista in Seattle told me the other day that the evolution of political systems leads from democracy through capitalism to socialism. She said it like it was fact. I didn’t ask her where she heard this utter nonsense. But I understand the reasons why. Like any toddler caught between a lie and a beating, the choice is hard, the choice is moral. The importance of integrity between your thoughts, speech and actions is nearly impossible to overstate. Yet I understand why the toddler chooses the lie instead of the beating. And why this barista thinks socialism is the answer. Survival. Physical survival. Moral turpitude but physical survival. An intact body with a broken spirit. Is it better to die morally or to live immorally? You will die regardless… but how did you live?

It is no more rational to silence people to further the cause free speech or kill people to achieve peace as it is to fuck your way to virginity. But Christians are the stupid ones?

Let’s not insult, berate and taunt each other (unless you’re the late Greg Giraldo, and you’re invited.) Let’s not make assumptions. Let’s actually talk. Let’s keep talking. When goods stop crossing boarders, the armies start crossing them. When words stop flowing, blood starts. Let’s not shoot, let’s speak. Let’s not silence, let’s listen. There is something you need to read if you haven’t, and again if you have.

1984 was a book you should have read and should read again, now more than ever.

And then, read Real Time Relationships. So we can have conversations where we don’t already know what a person is going to say. Because we actually don’t know. We have a hypothesis, but the experiment is conversation. Imagine a scientist who just said, “this is what will happen, for sure” and then just wrote the conclusion and filled in a spreadsheet with results, without actually doing the test. Then they discredit any contradictory reviews and experiments. Even when their conclusion is repeatedly disproven by actual experiments with real results, they maintain their position. That’s not actually a scientist. That’s someone in need of a real conversation to get to the bottom of all this.

Policies are not worthy of respect, viewpoints are not worthy of respect. People are. Life is worthy of respect. Consciousness. Countries don’t require protection, people do. Ideas do not need compassion, people do. Look: love can only benefit people, it doesn’t hurt. If it hurts, it’s not love. Tough love is bullshit. You’re thinking of Stockholm Syndrome or Uncle Tom Syndrome or traumatic bonding. Humans have been shown to require love to survive and to be mentally healthy. As a matter of fact, pretty much all mammals need that connection, which has something to do with oxytocin and vasopressin. Mammals that are gay, dark-skinned mammals, autistic mammals, mammals convicted of crimes, religious mammals… we’re all mammals, people. Donald Trump is a mammal, a person. Therefore, I love him and you should too. Not like that.

If you have trouble understanding what love is in this context, you really need love. If you have a visceral response due to your previous and unrelated experience of the world, perhaps a person treated you badly… maybe therapy will help. Maybe CBD oil, or Psilocybin, or LSD. Perhaps transcendental meditation. Maybe you’re depressed (listen to this) or “busy” and don’t have the time or energy to love anyone. That’s okay. Do you have the time and energy to just stop hating people? What does it cost you to stop hating? If you can spare it, that’ll be enough to push the balance of the world a little farther towards the right. Every little bit helps. And we are all only a little bit. Even a thought helps. By the same token, every bit of hate hurts, even the thoughts. It hurts you too, because we are all in it together. So, your hate and resistance is not actually helping. Not at all. Hate is making it worse. It’s dividing families. Listen to it though, don’t block it out. It has something to say as well. Ask. Listen deeply to find the root of it. Speak freely.

The good news is, if you have the energy to hate someone, you have the energy to love them, too. The energetic exchange rate is in your favor, converting Hate to Love. It’s like going shopping in ’08 Zimbabwe with $$$. A little goes a L0000000000000000NG way. Exchange hate for love and your wealth will increase exponentially. Go ahead, try it. Take a more charitable view of the people you despise. Be less hateful.


This is not meant to serve as an attack on the office of the president or a defense of any actions undertaken therein. This is not an apology for, nor a surrender to, anything. This is a call for rational discourse. This is an appeal to reason and ethics, to decency and humanity. We cannot reach the content if we don’t first commit to the conversation. I will not join you in marching to the battlefield or in marching to a protest rally, but I will join with you in public debate. I will actually listen. I’ll listen in a way you will probably not even recognize. I will view you kindly, as another person like me. This is best accomplished in person. Less so in the comments below, but on the phone is ok, too. Text. WhatsApp. Messenger. Instagram. Skype. Shit, even LinkedIn.


How are these all the same species? External sexual selection, i.e., breeding. I celebrate their individuality and recognize their commonality. Works with humans, too.

Russell Holiday - December 02, 2014 - 0005IMG_1384IMG_9552IMG_1441


Mint Cadillac Chip

The mint Caddy daddy bought stock

Chip off a cracked block

And a busted distributor cap

A seizure in the piston gap

Not bored true enough for you

Overheard words of the absurd

Carbon fiber fly wheel comes standard

Spin up to warp speed in a hiccup

All day long I called for defense

Score from midfield no touchbacks

Broke tackles to safety in the end zone

Andretti Lorenzo Bugatti Enzo end so

Qualquier comenzó a trend so

Easily discarded as the car did the horse

And the entertainment professionals

As it were, usurped the honest whores

Sephora trades with drawn swords

Blame everything else but yours

And the dynasty comes crashing down

But the literal dynasty is still all around

It’s everywhere that gathers power

Potential resources for unspecified uses

Slush funds of ungodly sums

When you choke it comes

When they leave you die

A cross point arrow head pulled out

Of your mouth hole alien face hug

Infected with space bugs

Scurvy of touch in a little jewel frog

Skinny legs and sharp claws

The devil rests his case and calls

Into the abysmal ball pit from the

long range missile pulpit

Everyone else with locked jaws

Cocktails in the cockpit

Of a jumbo jet load of bullshit

Fire off unofficial spokesman with torch lit

Run down at the corner of Main Street

See unfit for leadership types

With ancient gripes

The whole cloth tyrants

The bloody sleepless nights

Killing for convenience is alright

Protect interests in another state

Stop when it’s too late to fix it just nix it

Mix it in with the fakeness

of cry bully wakeness

Woke is broke and blameless

Innocence is shameless

Nameless here for evermore

Call it healthcare call it murder

Either way you earn the future

The dystopian hysterical culture

Is a suture slipping out of the great wound

Infected by cannibal mothers

Monsters, high priests of the Others

A fake wife to make life equal to nothing

Crown princes of lies and we suffer

Until the end of our time

50 minutes an hour for trust

Half that for lunch

The gears grind on through the rust

Years hang on like crust

On the mantle of tectonic upthrust

Sinkholes swallow villages whole

Dead dunes blow over our homes

The sands of paradise cove

Billions of sea creatures strove

Pressed up between the toes

So remember how everything goes

Ignominious Rex

Emotional wrecks heap up on either side of the great divide of pride and point fingers at the other side. You lied no you lied no…

One finger shames, three point back to you. What you think it is is not what it is it’s what you say it is is not what it is, it is what it is and since it’s not a name, you’re not wrong all the way, since what you say is real… speaking of speaking, so to speak.

Why don’t we play a new game? Every one of us knows it by heart, you make the rules that apply to you, and tell the truth. But what if, you read lips and after taxes…

The fix is to do what you say, and say what you mean, because one thing leads to another, and the word becomes flesh and flesh becomes light, and steps on the stones.

Try to put civilization on skids, lay a new foundation and pray it fits, well, it sits but it’s the details we miss and we kiss our dumb asses goodbye when the big one hits.

We’re safe for a bit, but we’ve got to keep moving or call it quits, cash in your chips where the house always wins, be not afraid to step out of the valley of sins and repent, lather, rinse and repeat.

Do it for the kids. Oh speaking of which, Miss Givings and Ms. Carrage, have you been bullied and badgered and hounded, nagged and bagged on by a crowd of cowards, empowered by a pyramid scheme that stole all your spare hours, seized in a fever dream of eminent domain wolf blitz in sheep dip new media smoke screen?

No? Well it’s time for some answers, after these messages from our handlers: you cast the first stone, you rile the panthers, you dig in your heels, next come the panzers.

Peabrain Soup

A cup or a bowl?

Fresh or with a skin?

Hot or cold?

Stale bread or crouton?

Does it matter what the name is?

The real shame of it is thinking

it doesn’t have to be like this.

It could have been worse you say

But you feel things

What is a feeling anyway?

What is a thought?

What is yes and what is not?

You don’t know that. You don’t know. 

You couldn’t be more wrong

Unless you were more right. 

Get left behind by all the rest

Or accelerate the rush of decay

We build a tower of freedom

And jump off the loyal base to escape

Oh is that the easy way?

I’m sorry and goodnight but wait

Are you afraid one day you’ll die,

Or that you were not quite alive?

Stone submits to waves of air and rain

Countless drops descend again and again

To mist around a monument today

And tomorrow wash it away.

The Ballad of Randy Weaver

Picnics in the summer sun.
Idaho family fun.
Big time job for the man?
No thanks, I don’t think I can.
Don’t you know, they’d try again.

Caught me in the trap they set
My dog, my boy, my lovely wife
Won’t be coming home again.
I said no to government;
Take my life, I’m through with it.

What are you afraid of Uncle Sam?
Bought and paid for Uncle Sam?
What’s it mean to be American?
The motherland of last stands
Pilgrim pride, bloody hands
Freedom for all or none?
Stop fighting when the war is won.

Excuse me officer, you’re blocking our sun
Mirrored shades resisting the male gaze
Animus of ancient rage encaged
That story bleeds through the page
The weak cut down before their age
The lion doesn’t share his mates
And so all the more he makes
The lioness’ pride he takes
Until his jaw line breaks
And his grey mane shakes
And the dusty earth quakes
And so in crawl the snakes
To ruin everybody’s day
Take what you love most away
Your hide, your hair, your inner life.

What are you afraid of in this land?
Bought and paid for native land
What was taken from Americans
The mother of all last stands
National pride, zip-tied hands
Freedom for all or no one
This civilization of war cannot be won.

Picnics in the summer sun
the family all having fun
Ruby Ridge and everywhere
give thanks, take good care
Try it, just try it again