Uptown Irony

Steamed almond milk in dark chocolate.

Gluten free granola with pumpkin seeds.

“Your hair is nice,” he said to me.

Waiting for a drip refill, not his turn in line.

“Looks like an angel,” he gestured to her

“Don’t you think?” As she spun the register.

“That, this and your total is six sixty six.”

A laugh that would not be held back

Came out a boulder after Indiana Jones.

“There’s some irony there,” she said.

“Can I touch it,” he asked with earbuds in.

I consented and bowed my head to him.

Look within my brother, see my sin

See my dying mother, see my crooked kin

Say you met me in a post apocalyptic place

You would not think this face angelic

Beneath this halo of hair a brown bear

A crown of horns and raven stare

Lovesick greed and prideful envy

Lust for every other empty

Troll and Cold War border sentry

Hooves and grooves worn in memory

I am the fire which takes your home

I am the liar who bleeds the stone

I am therapist and analyst and clone

I am the night which swallows suns

I am the oceans of desire

I am the all consuming one

I am the throne assuming son

I am the all sowing sire

The demon of eternal bones

All blessings be upon your way


You Can Think About The Universe

But can the universe think about you? You could believe that it thinks nothing about you, that it doesn’t recognize you.

But you must remember that from the beginning of this universe, and all the universes it contains, you specifically, precisely, were brought into existence, every atom is arranged in just such a way as to become exactly your personality and your freckles and your secret dreams, everything all at once, for all time in all directions, is connected.

It’s not the universe which doesn’t see you… it’s you. Better recognize. Look in the mirror. And by that I mean look around. You’re everywhere! You’re a superstar, a supernova, you’re blowing up! You can be seen across time and space, expanding, growing up.

You’re a star, you’re the Sun. Sol. Soul.

There’s a whole solar system around you. A speck of dust in your orbit has life bursting forth from cracks in the thin film of dried rock. What that life thinks of you, if it worships you, if it hides itself from your explosive integrity, it doesn’t matter to you. You’re not aware of it, not the way that life is aware of you.

Reign of Ire / Rain of Fire

Into the open wonder of all this

Material confounding our essence

In concordance with the fullness

Of spurious excess aesthetics

reckoning expenses

Expanding fences

Digging in trenches

Cowardice consent with offenses

Mental menses and critical lenses

Crippled and sinuous revelations

An end to the endless

Whether the climate wrenches

Life and love from our tenuous clenches

Or the immenseness

of our spirit synthesis

Supplants our senses

We sail on empty

We ride on rails reality renders

Just ahead of our advances

A thought awake

A wave relentless

Power condenses

Amalgamates alliances

Anneal us anoint us alloy us

Amidst our mounting defenses

Repentance resolves into

Precipitation of exegesis

The Curse of the Serpent

The mirror of mother

sleeve of every scale and color

venomic apertures and cavernous hunger

sarcophagus uterus crypt of crippled womb

a corpse in the room

scream in a tomb

and nobody blinks

where is the humor

in this hall of human beings

here have some death

and say your goodbyes

the sentence is short

the past here lies

to beat the heart

and soak the cries

hand to rag

haul to hell

and back for supplies

every once in awhile

End of an Error

This is the end of an era. The end of terror.

The era of pain and schismatic rage has come to a close. Will has come again.

Now is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Water are us. 

Or love. Or hope. Or the molten gold ever flowing, pouring out to fuse the cracked heart.

To refuse the dark to restart the art of atoning that fixes and keeps it running regardless.

The age of apes grown up and childhood spirits returned to the sender.

The tender stalks in the blender. The vegan protein and jars of iced coffee.

The frozen cherries lend a sweetness. Tarts and treasures. Hidden pleasures.

Bonus games along the way.

Time flows and madness knows what is not clear, what crawls on rocks beyond reach.

Baby rattlesnakes without warning fork no fear in front, a display of play at the rear.

The end is near, the silence after the years of silence.

Words rise like distant suns split cloudy skies with long light rays.

Night is always on the menu.

The stage is set, sold out the venue, sound is checked, they’re waiting for you.

In the green room stands the one who holds the grace of a holy face within the secret space.

The show goes on, there is no cancellation. No beasts and no nation. Exit is performance.

There will be no protestation loud enough. No alarm pulled can halt the forward motion.

No platform to speak of something, anything like love.

God is nowhere, God is now here.

Good is not nothing. Good is no thing.

All good is being. All being good.

To be or not to be, it is no thing. Not nothing.

Nothing but a flightless bird wing, a dinosaur adapted to living

in service of singing rodents on the surface of a spinning magnet.

A growth of purpose. A eulogy for judgment, a ceremony of internment.

A camp of internal learning forms around the fireplace.

The stars in their firmament stretch into filaments.

We are here. We are. Here, we are. Here we are.

Are you here? Are you clear? Are you over it?

Not above it. Not below it. But understand you are standing under it.

To hold, to help, to heal, to feel. You are the hand.

You are manual. Not automatic. You are the gear shift.

You are the transmission of power. You are the drive.

You are life. You are alive.

Ears for Fears

No mandates

or prohibitions

No shame no blame

No judicial decision

no rhetoric can

ease the condition

Of people who kill

For a bit of attention.

Oh, So, now you listen?

Fed up being fed into

A perverted system

Drugs or detention in

Preparation for prison,

Scheduled to the minute,

But something’s missing:

Is anybody listening?

The way to stop people

Is before the decision

That life doesn’t matter.

Is it really worth living

Without the respect

we all fully deserve?

Before the trucks swerve

Down crowded streets,

is the drive for community.

Before the need to hurt is

The need to be heard,

And be taken seriously.

The cure in a word: listen.

Why search for meaning?

We live in meaning

Surrounding us but not beyond

Calcified Krystle’s bathtub rings

Autocorrected my crystals

to a possessive feminine

Authority entitled to everything

Whatever it meant to me

The truth of what I see

Shares held space with

The truth of what you see

Locality and layering

Coats of paint are not a building

The foundation equality of being

Residue of everything true

The purpose of man is two:

Make more of you.

What is left of life

What did you do

It is like something

To be the crust

The husk of trust

The skin of the pudding

Herniated disks exploding

The relativistic speed of us

At the edge about to pop

Stretched to infinity

And the second thing

Is stick together

if life matters

as always or never

Mint Cadillac Chip

The mint Caddy daddy bought stock

Chip off a cracked block

And a busted distributor cap

A seizure in the piston gap

Not bored true enough for you

Overheard words of the absurd

Carbon fiber fly wheel comes standard

Spin up to warp speed in a hiccup

All day long I called for defense

Score from midfield no touchbacks

Broke tackles to safety in the end zone

Andretti Lorenzo Bugatti Enzo end so

Qualquier comenzó a trend so

Easily discarded as the car did the horse

And the entertainment professionals

As it were, usurped the honest whores

Sephora trades with drawn swords

Blame everything else but yours

And the dynasty comes crashing down

But the literal dynasty is still all around

It’s everywhere that gathers power

Potential resources for unspecified uses

Slush funds of ungodly sums

When you choke it comes

When they leave you die

A cross point arrow head pulled out

Of your mouth hole alien face hug

Infected with space bugs

Scurvy of touch in a little jewel frog

Skinny legs and sharp claws

The devil rests his case and calls

Into the abysmal ball pit from the

long range missile pulpit

Everyone else with locked jaws

Cocktails in the cockpit

Of a jumbo jet load of bullshit

Fire off unofficial spokesman with torch lit

Run down at the corner of Main Street

See unfit for leadership types

With ancient gripes

The whole cloth tyrants

The bloody sleepless nights

Killing for convenience is alright

Protect interests in another state

Stop when it’s too late to fix it just nix it

Mix it in with the fakeness

of cry bully wakeness

Woke is broke and blameless

Innocence is shameless

Nameless here for evermore

Call it healthcare call it murder

Either way you earn the future

The dystopian hysterical culture

Is a suture slipping out of the great wound

Infected by cannibal mothers

Monsters, high priests of the Others

A fake wife to make life equal to nothing

Crown princes of lies and we suffer

Until the end of our time

50 minutes an hour for trust

Half that for lunch

The gears grind on through the rust

Years hang on like crust

On the mantle of tectonic upthrust

Sinkholes swallow villages whole

Dead dunes blow over our homes

The sands of paradise cove

Billions of sea creatures strove

Pressed up between the toes

So remember how everything goes