Race for the Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull was cut across the grain
Thought it was their god, and treated it the same
No human hands made the relic of the cave
It would’ve shattered as chain on brave.

Welcome to the city of supreme beings,
I’m sure you’ve seen how sausages are made
Factory farmer fallen behind the tour group line
We stare into the void that guides the mind.

We don’t hide here or needs remind us.
We are the word written and spoken, awoken
The form follows the function, but why?
Or why not, am I right? Is anything possible a lie?

Not just anything anytime you want to be.
Only specific, particular things are happening.
Automatic writing, our lives in history shown.
Read aloud, that’s a grown up thing to do.

We once courted ladies in verse and now
We settle in court, or private browser mode.
Kicked over the castles built on a sandy road,
We used to woo her and wow her and now we just cower

I fire the main dish and plot a course westward
for unknown shores, a wake from the meme wars,
The bards, the jesters, the fools and the game testers,
the evangelists, protestors, the sidewalk and stadium whores.

We are not the sorry-but-I-did-my-best-ers,
We are the whole heart, the all investors
We are the tribe of truth sayers
My dear hunters, the bloody roulette players.

We praise without pronouncing the name,
We tease without shame, teach without blame.
We find nothing missing, no time or place,
We are the wilderness willing to be tame.