Ignominious Rex

Emotional wrecks heap up on either side of the great divide of pride and point fingers at the other side. You lied no you lied no…

One finger shames, three point back to you. What you think it is is not what it is it’s what you say it is is not what it is, it is what it is and since it’s not a name, you’re not wrong all the way, since what you say is real… speaking of speaking, so to speak.

Why don’t we play a new game? Every one of us knows it by heart, you make the rules that apply to you, and tell the truth. But what if, you read lips and after taxes…

The fix is to do what you say, and say what you mean, because one thing leads to another, and the word becomes flesh and flesh becomes light, and steps on the stones.

Try to put civilization on skids, lay a new foundation and pray it fits, well, it sits but it’s the details we miss and we kiss our dumb asses goodbye when the big one hits.

We’re safe for a bit, but we’ve got to keep moving or call it quits, cash in your chips where the house always wins, be not afraid to step out of the valley of sins and repent, lather, rinse and repeat.

Do it for the kids. Oh speaking of which, Miss Givings and Ms. Carrage, have you been bullied and badgered and hounded, nagged and bagged on by a crowd of cowards, empowered by a pyramid scheme that stole all your spare hours, seized in a fever dream of eminent domain wolf blitz in sheep dip new media smoke screen?

No? Well it’s time for some answers, after these messages from our handlers: you cast the first stone, you rile the panthers, you dig in your heels, next come the panzers.

Mega Low Down Megalodon

Older than most dirt you see

I’m here to eat you

Make your arm

Into a soup

Hack at your roots

No telling what I’ll do

Or when I come for you

Great white devil 

Your worst fears come true

Defenses I get through

Think you’re safe when you wake

But I’m right behind you


But why listen to me

I’m just someone who’s ruined it all

From day one

Just learn how to speak

Make melodies jangling keys

Open opportunity

Put in your time 

keep your head down

Get into the game

Capitalize on your youth while you can

Or remain in the dust

From whence you came


You’re dark she said too dark for me

But it’s darkest when it’s deep

Life is teeming at the vents

Toxicity for you maybe

But it’s home to me

I thrive on suffering

I dive in willingly

It surrounds me

That’s when I stop noticing

Try it

You’ll see

What I mean


Flower Node

A slow flame

The flower in bloom

How long is the coastline

How ruffled the petals

In the origami timeline 

of networked plant mind

Unfolding consciousness 

Awareness to full earth

Bespoke in framed time

Thought pollinating sine

Ringed oscillations moire

Waves etch membranes

In universal binary

Growing deeper into center

Pushing for escape velocity

Orthogonal perspectives 

Glacial frieze of flow a whole

Hyperbole in symmetry

Grown Together

Look at yourself in the magic mushroom mirror:
You’ve never seen anything clearer
Than a monkey with a Mona Lisa smile.

Lawyers are trained to lie
Mothers leave their babies cry
Murdering strangers is hazardous duty
Pay-per-view your brothers’ blood
In rotting ruins of ancient beauty
Rape a city set afire from
Buzzing angels in the clear blue sky
But babylon survives,
Sodom and Gomorrah thrive
A spectre looming, business is booming
Iron islands rising above the human tide
The edifice of avarice, all-conquering consumption
The philosophers locked away in towers,
can’t call up a function
Warlords wipe their ass with our power
About fracking parking tickets property tax,
library late fines and gold mines,

We need to build minds not pipelines
We don’t need jail, we don’t need money
To keep the presses running all day and night
Work weekends to make ends meet
Or beach day on repeat, still you won’t
Even if you win, still count the cost
All that profit comes at a loss:
humanity, integrity, sanity, unity,
An imbalance sheet without line item empathy
Dispense with these formalities,
Dissolve the business entities,
the borders and the enemies

Like all the other social species,
the Hives and Colonies,
The Packs, the Prides, the Hooves, the Hides,
The microbe biome we all are inside,
Together we live, together we die.