I’ve Been So Wrong

in truth i’ve been right too
i have some clue what’s going on
and we all do, by the word we share
a case for liberty we bear on high
through the existential mire
but i am half a human trapped in
wrapped around another halfling
one foot to move upon the stream
one hand to sail the current flow
one eye to see the way the wind blows
grafted hips, heart and tongue
grown together two in one
sympathetic symbiotic stem cellularity
developmental psychology it seems
presents conclusive evidence in reams
we live in the time of invisible mind
a separate experience like bubbles
curvatures in space-time literally
narrative explains so much to me
that characters are created as we
create ourselves in voluminous waves
tsunamis and ripples and iceberg alike
the spectrum of water is different same
mercy for everyone of us by name
the nameless shameless bliss
my faltering courage time and again
did cause me miss heady heavens aplenty
paws whose thorns were too deep stuck

to speak freely
i’m thankful, sorry and happy to be
is there something you need tell me
i want to help make more of us
more love of wisdom, moderation,
courage and some other things
i learned from you embrace the strange
and from you to always tell the truth
i learned from everybody something
and every word, gesture, chapter, verse
if only we can be kind and temperate
let not justice become justification
by the blinding power of the word
michael’s flaming sword come down
between this and that, then and now
judgement of the monsters in our dark
we persecute ourselves for saying, ow
stubbed toes to amputated souls
the scale of convoluted tones
of which all melodies are formed
emotional topographic modeling
made possible with quantum computing
something like collective thinking
distributed integrated circuits
in static free clean rooms
some of us in red splotched rubble
nuclear submarines and canoes coexist
the delicate hand is in every fist
given birth to your favorite kiss
the real love we all deserve is this
that we are all in one big clan
the woman and man, the fox and hare
the blind and the stark raving mad
the rocks and the waves crashing
the age of cloud intelligence
crystalline plumes in atmosphere
the mountains made sand made plants
transhuman androgyne watch the dance
black growths on a tree branch
bird of curiosity, memory and loyalty
what one knows, all soon know

listen to the crows
we’ve done worse but we can do better
spirit retained in law
though it fail by the letter
calling out for help
offering gifts and wonders
hungry for anything that breathes
and lay a healing hand in harm
squatting in the rain we feed
that one must pay and bleed for
my need for the force of deed
and yet the word has not been heard
it is not agreed that we heed
parallel processors at clock speed
organic computing livestock are we
do not enact violence
do not remain silent
to speak but not judge
to listen completely
for what can be done in love.