122: No Job For You

Our client, a boutique brand agency, is currently seeking a Creative Copywriter to work with their team during a live event on Tuesday, April 14 from 6:30 to 9:30.

This is a unique live event that requires a highly creative, on the spot writer / thinker!

The event focuses on storytelling, and you will be tasked to write a short (roughly 150 word) story about each person that approaches you, without speaking to them or knowing anything about them. You will be typing on a 3 x 5 card on a typewriter, so you must be fast and creative. The story that you write will become a take-away for that attendee for the evening.

You must be able to confidently use a typewriter and be client facing! The event requires trendy business casual attire.

Since my first typewriter (my mom’s red 1966 IBM Selectric), I’ve loved typing and coming up with short stories. I now type out brand stories on anemic apple products but I’ve yearned for the (quarter of a) day when I could wear a suit and hat and tap out thrilling tales to total strangers. I do crosswords in pen and smile every now and again. Comedy comes naturally and I’ve given a damn fine twelve minute standup routine. Improvisation causes me no consternation and a rhyme for the stickiest of wickets springs up like a crocus in the loam of my mind, which is naturally inclined to the fine points of minimalist design; a boon where limits on space and time reside.