Flower Node

A slow flame

The flower in bloom

How long is the coastline

How ruffled the petals

In the origami timeline 

of networked plant mind

Unfolding consciousness 

Awareness to full earth

Bespoke in framed time

Thought pollinating sine

Ringed oscillations moire

Waves etch membranes

In universal binary

Growing deeper into center

Pushing for escape velocity

Orthogonal perspectives 

Glacial frieze of flow a whole

Hyperbole in symmetry

Intestinal Flora

Oh love deep inside
My Flora, my better half
My touch, my kiss, your terrain
The map says the treasure is here
but matter appears and argues a spell,
Dust settles on the mind like a mirror.

My father said,
Son, only you can do it
Get out of it what you put in
Get to it. Listen to your gut
sometimes it’s accurate
sometimes it’s just full of shit.

My mother said,
Baby, all women are cagey
Don’t get lost in Pandora’s box.
Men are useful but mostly invalid
A cucumber is better company
And after you still have a salad.

Belief is a thing with folded wings
The truth is wide open sky
Tyranny born of good intention
Revolution makes evil
an honourable mention
And the blind watch
the all-seeing eye

Oh you can try and try
till the day that you die
You can’t change the tale from the head
The story is told before it’s read
So baby don’t cry at the end.