Progress is a series of Left and Right Steps

Steeping up a gaiwan of OG Green Tea
with a kush buddy, a little pupperoni
Watching this video by Doctor Jordan B. Not Samantha, please.

Get into the YouTube, really check it out though, he’s a cool dude, not rude.

He’ll break it down for you, and build it up way higher.
I’m not screwing around right now,
I’m a lot of things, but not a goddamn liar.

Like what’s the point of all this
madness and fights over bullshit
We all have rights and are done wrong
but no wrongs can be undone
with more wrongs, what’s done is gone.

We don’t have long, let’s just move on.

I’m not a moron, and neither are you, obviously but it’s not the group
It’s just you, the divine individual
in full glory, the spark in the heart
of the hero of each own story
Not feminist or misogynist, misandrist or antichrist the protagonist of everyone is the catalyst for existential bliss.

And that’s how it is.

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