Reign of Ire / Rain of Fire

Into the open wonder of all this

Material confounding our essence

In concordance with the fullness

Of spurious excess aesthetics

reckoning expenses

Expanding fences

Digging in trenches

Cowardice consent with offenses

Mental menses and critical lenses

Crippled and sinuous revelations

An end to the endless

Whether the climate wrenches

Life and love from our tenuous clenches

Or the immenseness

of our spirit synthesis

Supplants our senses

We sail on empty

We ride on rails reality renders

Just ahead of our advances

A thought awake

A wave relentless

Power condenses

Amalgamates alliances

Anneal us anoint us alloy us

Amidst our mounting defenses

Repentance resolves into

Precipitation of exegesis

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