6 Powerful Ways To Do Something Else

#1 — Do nothing.

Do a lot of it. All the time. Why hit the brakes when you can simply let your hands fall to your lap and prepare to receive the wall you cannot avoid, not anymore, not at this speed and course. Don’t inhale or exhale, but don’t hold your breath either. Now what? Whatever it is, it’s key.

#2 — Do something.

Something is better than nothing. More than something, because more is better, sometimes. This might be one of those times. One is the fewest things you can do to qualify for completing this task. It starts with one, Chester.

#3 — Do everything.

More is better, and since everything is the most more there is, it’s the most better you can get. Even the betterest aren’t the best because everything has problems. Hey, stick around for the good news! With new problems coming in every day, there’s no time to be bothered by the old problems. Feel pathetic, unhealthy and weak? That one pushup wreck you bruh? Try going to the gym with someone way fitter than you which would be a cinch, then take a hot yoga, run a couple ultra marathons, become SuperBowl MVP and heavyweight champion in every martial art; start now and never finish.

#4 — Do one thing.

Done with all your might and passion, all your courage and conviction, every word and gesture, every moment and material component will embody one purpose. Making music turns you on? No matter what you do, if you’re never not making music, you’re really only doing one thing all the time.

Perhaps your purpose is to keep life going. Not just for you, since that’s not how this all works. If your purpose is life then you’ll drive not to a destination but to preserve life. With a single criterion, results will be singular. Babe Ruth batted for home runs, not average, not technique or tactic. Aiming is correlated to achievement. Enough advice?

#5 — Ignore all advice.

Go rogue. You’re a maverick. The first of a kind. Nobody has ever played the role of you before. This is all new, so their maps might be to entirely different territory, or they might knowingly give you false directions. So, whether you take a sock of quarters to the face, the wealth of nations through the stock market, or a mere penny for your thoughts, experience is cash you can spend again and again, donate and still keep the change.

#6 — Question yourself.

It’s a meditative exercise to think about where your thoughts, your principles, your preferences all come from. Do you like spicy food? Is that really your idea? Did you decide to like it or are you merely reporting an internal state of consciousness; pleasure when you consume ghost peppers? Do you have the idea or does the idea have you? Track down who you heard it from, find out what podcast, and then the source material, and discover where it was collected from, research the author’s life, and before long you’ll realize that you can’t ignore anything. Everything you think and do is built upon not only the shoulders of giants but the structural remains—reverberations of consciousness—in the artifacts of one peculiar species of primate on this planet, underpinned by the great unknown, where there is a universe, a sort of background which creates stars like our sun, that create the planet which creates the plants which create the primates which create the ideas which create experience which feeds back into the loop as what we perceive as actions, our creations are as echoes, not a new voice responding to the original.


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